Product DescriptionAfter Brazil and the United States, Colombia has the third largest population? Nm? S largest Afro-descendants in the Western Hemisphere. However, the pa? S is com? Nment seen as a nation? N of Andean, white and mestizo (people of mixed Indian space? Oles e ind? Nous). Aline Helg examines ra? Ces hist? Rich Colombia treatment and neglect of African-Caribbean identity? A comparative perspective on the Am? Rich. Concentr? NDOS in the region? N the Caribbean, exploring the role of free people and slaves of African origin completely and mix whites? Lite, and the Indians in the profile? Colonial period tard? Oy in processes independence and construction? n of the nation? n early. ? Why? not to become a career in the category? to the organization? n Caribbean? to Colombia as it did in many other societies with large populations of African descent? Helg argues that divisions within the upper and lower classes, the silence on the questionnaire? N of race and the preference of individual Afro-Colombians. . . M? S>>

Liberty and Equality in Caribbean Colombia, 1770-1835

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