by Ray Lam

Tai Chi, or Tai Chi Ch’uan, means “supreme fighting” or “ultimate fists” in Mandarin. It is basically a form of martial art originating in China sometime around the 16th century. It has five known forms in existence today, though all are connected to each other without any drastic difference. During the 1970s, it was introduced in America and has been growing in popularity ever since. There have been no known side effects or harm caused by practicing Tai Chi in long term or short term.

For many, there are no options when it comes to learning Tai Chi Chen. That is, some people may wish to learn tai chi, but there is no qualified master in the area. So, what are the options for them? Thanks to the availability of online tai chi courses, the person can now pursue their interests from anywhere in the world and at any time. Granted, there are limitations placed on what one can learn or how much one can learn in a “learn tai chi online” program, but something is better than the nothing.

Tai Chi is safe for everyone, irrespective of age. The elderly in millions of homes across China perform Tai Chi because it improves balance and co-ordination between limb movements. Every year, hundreds of senior citizens suffer fractures and injuries due to fall caused by misbalance, Tai Chi is very helpful in such cases.

Of course, the best way to learn tai chi is to study under a qualified Tai Chi master who can provide special attention and constructive criticism. (Note: the emphasis here is on the words “qualified master”. In other words, you should avoid amateurs who are not truly knowledgeable in the subject matter). An online training course can be an excellent way of continuing your learning beyond the classroom as well as a way of increasing your skill level.

You have the opportunity to learn Tai Chi on your on time, on your schedule, where you want to and how you want to. This is not an opportunity that you would have very often. This is something that can literally change your life. Practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis has many emotional and physical health benefits. In a world of diet soda, 20 ounce coffee and fast food, the need for stress reduction has never been more important.

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