How Does Vacation Cruises Work? Trying Vacation Cruises to prove that the earth was round the golden age of transatlantic ocean shipping and travel began long after Columbus’. Ocean sailing vessels traveled to the new world on a rather infrequent schedule after that time. The paddle steamer “Savannah” crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1819 that a new era in travel heated up it was not until the first ocean steamship. Ocean cruises and ocean liners have become a thing of beauty and romance Vacation Cruises since that time. Ocean liners had established themselves as a status symbol for their companies and their countries on the ocean by the end of that century, and starting into the 20th century. Largest most extravagant ocean liner afloat having the newest a “battle” for Vacation Cruises supremacy had begun. In the early 1900’s two fantastic liners named Mauritania and Lusitania sailing the ocean Cunard Lines had. Director Bruce Ismay decided to build not two in order to boost Vacation Cruises the White Star Line’s but three fabulous liners. The most infamous Vacation Cruises in the world one of these monster liners became. The scene as the largest and most elegant ocean cruise liner the Titanic would enter. The ocean liner Olympic actually entered service before Titanic her sister ship. Albeit very short lived as we all know the fate of Titanic, These two liners put White Star Line again on top of the ocean liner heap. Cruise Liners and Ocean Liners The traveling Vacation