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by Martha Vasquez

Do you enjoy cruising and are looking for a different vacation experience? Have you already visited Alaska, the Greek Isles, and Mexico? Are you looking for a bright summer vacation in the middle of a cold winter? It is time to experience a new area of the planet, it is time to visit Oceania. Do not be afraid of an exotic vacation costing more than you can afford. You will be able to find discount cruises to Oceania.

Oceania is the section of the earth around the South Pacific islands and Australia. These are the areas of the world commonly known as Micronesia and Polynesia. Cruises in the Oceania region are becoming popular and considered a luxury cruise on a moderate budget. Because cruises to many of the islands in Oceania are not as popular or well known, the prices for these cruises are more moderate than some of the Caribbean island cruises.

The cruise ships used for Oceania cruises are usually smaller than the average ship used for other cruises. The ships still contain all the amenities you have come to expect from other cruise vacations but on a slightly smaller scale. A smaller ship also means less people but usually the same amount of crew. So if large crowds bother you consider giving cruising one more try with a cruise to Oceania. Less vacationers means the crew will be able to pay more attention to you and your needs.

Because of the changes in seasons between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, the prime cruising period for Oceania is from September to February. Oceania will be in the middle of summer during this time and quite reasonable in temperature. Imagine a Christmas holiday cruise to Australia where the sun is shining instead of shoveling snow in your driveway.

Finding a discount cruise to Oceania is easy. First, you can choose to travel during an off-peak time. During off-peak travel, ships offer great discount cruise to travelers because there is reduced demand for travel. Also, you can find great discounts if you are able to travel on one or two days notice. Cruise companies always want to sale with a full ship so many times they will offer last minute travel discounts or bonuses to travelers. It may take you a day to travel to your port of call, but a good travel agent will keep travel time in mind when contacting you about last minute cruise deals.

There are many websites that offer cruise deals and usually Oceania cruises will be included in their deals. Sign up for cruise sale notifications and contact your local travel agents and ask them to contact you if any last minute sales are posted to the ports you want to visit. Be as flexible with your travel dates as you can and you will find a great deal and a new location for cruising. With all the islands in the Oceania region you may spend years cruising the ports of Oceania.

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