As soon as I saw that the video was released I knew I wouldn’t get any sleep ?? Because you might know I stan FT Island so I stayed up to 4:30AM subbing this because I wanted to be the first one to upload. In the end I wasn’t the first one, but the other translation floating around is really off, so I don’t mind. Anyway! As you can get from the lyrics, the song is about the two opposite meanings of the word “annyeong”, which means both hello and goodbye in informal speech. Therefore I couldn’t really translate the word as either “hello” or “goodbye” because it was referring to the word itself, and not to a specific meaning, so if I had translated it, the song would lose most of its essence. That’s why I just left it as it is. Para Mexico: Como ya regreso a Mexico el proximo mes voy a llevar articulos para los fans que quieran adquirir este tipo de mercancia que en Mexico no se consigue. Checa este post: No dejes pasar la oportunidad!

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