Product DescriptionExperience the best to place you on the cruise to offer that’s right for you. Frommer’s. Begins Your trip with us. Exact prices, Including brochure rates, With tips on how to find deep discounts, so you plan the perfect trip dog no matter what your budget. Extensive descriptions of all the major ships sailing in Alaska, With information on everything from cabins and ship facilities to shore excursions and Recreational Activities. Comprehensive ship ratings That grade the essential elements of a cruise experience (dining, activities, children’s Programs, public areas, cleanliness, and Overall Enjoyment) from “poor” to “outstanding.” Complete coverage of the Inside Passage and Gulf of Alaska, With off-the-beaten-path Takes On Experiences and new top attractions. Bonus wildlife guide in the appendix highlights the animals you’re Most Likely to see-from whales to bald eagles to bears. . . . More>>

Frommer’s Alaska Cruises & Ports of Call 2008