by Kareem F Samhouri, DPT, CSCS, HFI

Belly fat loss with exercise can be challenging for someone that doesn’t fully understand how fat loss works in the human body. In truth, noticing fat loss in your abdominal region is usually last. Fat loss normally occurs in all other body parts first, with special exception to the hips, buttocks, love handles, and belly.

Repeated bouts of high intensity exercise, albeit with short duration, create a more targeted fat loss approach. By including multi-joint, or compound, movements in your exercise program, you will dramatically increase flexibility, strength, and weight loss results in your exercise program.

Body weight resistance exercise will help almost ninety-percent of clients achieve the results they are seeking in the gym. Many people are focused on lifting heavy weights for better results, but this is not necessary.

Heavy weight lifting, several times per week, is not necessary for most people’s goals. Most people come to personal trainers with the intention of losing fat, decreasing body weight, and improving stamina. In order to this effectively, I cannot think of a better way than forcing the body to be able to resist its own weight through dynamic and challenging movements. Some of my favorite body weight exercises include the burpee, squat thrust, pull up, plank, push up superset, and reverse lunge.

The reason that these exercises are so powerful is because they target the whole body, rather than segmental regions of isolated muscle use. Whole body movements are known to increase caloric expenditure with exercise, thereby improving fat loss results.

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