by Houston Reid

Save yourself valuable time and money by working with only the most qualified erector for your new steel building project. Inadequately trained steel building erectors can cause a vast array of problems for you and your new steel building construction project. The most obvious likely trouble is, of course, assembling the building incorrectly.

You have to contact with someone who is trained and practiced in the type of building you are having assembled. Not every steel building system may be included in an erector’s experience. Think about the following guidelines when you will have to choose an erector. If you are unfamiliar with steel building construction, then there are qualified steel building consultants who can help you in finding a professional erector.

Talk with someone for guidance in finding the erector you need. The first step to take when looking for a prospective erector is to look over past work. Look at least one recent and one older project. See to it that the work on these building projects was acceptable and to see if any mistakes that came up were addressed.

Did they fix all concerns with these projects? A good erector will have done so. It is very important to find out if the erector is certified by a professional steel building supplier to erect your type of building and to verify if he and his crew have recently attended training sessions to update their various skills.

Every building project needs to have a superintendent to manage the labor and be a liaison with the other personnel. The lowest bidder is not necessarily the smartest decision. At times the lowest bidder is the one that in the end does shoddy work. An unusually low bid might not budget for every necessary detail of the construction project. If something is not left half-done, you could encounter long, unexpected delays besides, of course, additional expenses to complete the job.

The most expensive erector could very easily have initially been the least expensive. The person you are thinking about has to present a copy of an OSHA-approved safety program. The erector must be up to date on all safety requirements and hold frequent job site safety meetings.

Choosing an erector is an important step in the procedure of gathering all the necessary pieces in order to begin construction. Yet, it is only the start and there are further needs to address. Don’t allow any changes in design. Thus, it?s important that you have the original drawings on site. As we said before, make sure there will be a full-time, on-site superintendent to take charge of all these day-to-day responsibilities at the worksite and handle any problems that may occur during building. Having the best men on the job will ensure that your building is off to a good start and on its way to a successful completion.

Finally, it’s a really good idea to analyze the work regularly and make sure that the proper tools and equipment are being used, that temporary bracing is being utilized constantly throughout the building site, that design bracing requirements are followed for the permanent bracing, and that the appearance is not “out-of-plane.” Finally, adhering to these guidelines will help make sure that your building is erected properly and thus give you many years of satisfactory use of the new building.

Now that we have gone over this, do you have any questions? We imagine that you do as we have only provided a very brief overview for what is a much more complicated process and subject matter. We therefore recommend that you call a company directly with those questions. We’re not here to promote any specific company but merely to provide you with the basic knowledge to point you in the right direction.

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