I’m planning a trip with someone who has a certificate of HAL to be used by 11 noviembre.Ella gave me two cruise dates to choose from – 3 º or 10 º. I originally said the 10th, because it was cheaper ticket. I totally forgot that I have $ 700 worth of tickets to see the Police! Anyway, the 10th was exhausted so we decided on the tercero.Tuve to transfer the money to her while she was paying with the certificate (I’m still down cheaper than regular ROPCiO or single supplement). While the transfer was happening, the third was exhausted, but some cabañas.Así tenth freedom I should go for the 10th and try to sell my tickets for the concert? Or should I wait to see if the cruise will start another one, so it is not necessary that potentially “eat” the price of concert TIX? I do not want to screw us both cruises.

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