Product Description’I this book be? a benefit for all they are up n involved in or est? interested in the cruise industry, “David Dingle, Commercial and Corporate Director of P & O Cruises * The first comprehensive study of the industry * Wait on the pr? PRACTICE aspects, but is based on the theory? a * It focuses on sociological aspects? gicos to explain the current growth Cruises traditionally considered as d? as luxury holiday for a few, but the spoiled ‘The development and growth of the cruise industry “exposes the myth and gives readers a comprehension? n of its importance in the travel industry. The book covers the different types of cruises (fly cruise, cruise and stay, special interest cruises, for example), the types of vessels (design or ecological issues? Gicas) and the motivation? No passengers (quality versus price). You need a vision approach? N assessing future trends, m? S all? 2000 with the polarization? n likely the market, its growth prospects and limit the potential. . . M? S>>

Development and Growth of the Cruise Industry