Product DescriptionCulture and Customs of Ecuador celebrates the extraordinary cultural diversity, geogr? Chart and “garment that has made this a pa? S small or larger? A Am? Latin America is? Mail. Through? S of this brief history, religious institutions, literature, social customs, cinema, mass communication? Ny visual arts and esc? Techniques, Ecuador is emerging as a microcosm is dynamic Am? America. Students and other readers learn? Nc? Mo mixtures Columbian Ecuadorian society, the cultural forces colonial, modern and postmodern. The underlying themes of Ecuador’s continuous struggles with multiculturalism and national identity are presented with unprecedented clarity. Ecuador is a land of drama and paradox with abundant natural resources and the rise of an economy? Ay ca? Da that has prolonged dependency and instability. Although many of the obst? Ass econ? Nomic and social t? Peaks of the developing nations, Ecuador has developed a culture din? Mica. This multicultural society comes to life through? S of participation? N CHAPTER. . . M? S>>

Culture and Customs of Ecuador