HD Video: Mexico City in One Day from Sunrise To Sunset. Markets, Children, Bars, Lovers, Mariachi, Open Public Spaces, Museums, Colors, Green Parks, By Nights… Dancers, Singers… cd. de méxico video documental Mexico City Is captured in this stunning 5 minute perpetual motion video that focuses on the promotional aspects of one of the world’s largest cities. Not sure what this was created for (World’s Fair?) but it’s pretty to look at. Have you been to Mexico City? Ever wonder what Mexico City is all about? With more than 21 million people, Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in the Americas ahead of Sao Paulo, NY, Buenos Aires and LA. Check out this video about the beauty of Mexico City! “Ciudad de México – Capital en Movimiento” Una Producción del fondo mixto de Promoción Turística de la Ciudad de México Producido por Azotea Post Co Dirección: Luis Mandoki, Mariana RodríGuez Co Fotografía: Alberto Anaya, Esteban Arrangoiz Fotografía Adicional: Adolfo Davila Co Edición: Mariana RodríGuez, Yoame Escamilla Música: Alejandro Castaños

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