Product DescriptionThe Population decline of the native Spanish conquest of the Following New Spain in 1521, Among Other Factors, led to an INCREASED demand for African slaves to add to the work force and bolster the colonial economy. Approximately two hundred Thousand Were Africans imported from Mexico Into Spain and from West and West Central Africa During The course of the slave trade. These “Afro-Mexicans” encompassed a great variety of Individuals and Experience Whose lives differed as much ritual as Their backgrounds. Were Some Christians Who Took communion, confessed, and blasphemers Were Celebrated Mass. Who Were Some denounced to the Inquisition. Others Still practitioners of mystical rites Were Meant to Cure Illness, ATTRACT lovers, or controlling owners. Focusing on the Time Period from the Intensification of slave importation in 1580 to Approximately 1700, Joan Bristol presents information from Mexican Inquisition documents. Christians, blasphemers, and Witches explosion. . . More>>

Christians, Blasphemers, and Witches: Afro-Mexican Ritual Practice in the Seventeenth Century