Building your network of customers and/or clients will be the most important job of all, once you have a home business going. After all, you will not have any reason to have a business, if you don’t have a network of contacts. There is a need for customers/clients in every business. Whether you focus on products or services, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have chosen. Without benefit of networking, there is no business, online or off, that can survive. You will need to network in order to assure that you constantly have those who are interested in buying what you create, even if you are a service provider of a creative nature.

The idea of networking is not making phone calls to people you don’t know or going door to door. That is not the idea at all. In fact, providing good service is the best networking tool. When you provide good service, your customers will refer others to your business. The best type of networking that you can do is word of mouth. It is always the best sales tool. However, that doesn’t mean that it is, or should be, your only tool. You need to do some networking if you expect your business to be successful, even with referrals. That doesn’t mean that you have to constantly surf the Internet to find others who are interested in what you have to offer, or that you have to get on the phone every day and contact people. To continue to maintain success, you need to take time on a regular basis to performing networking activities. That may vary from simply promoting your website to contacting referrals.

Many new businesses are doomed to fail. That’s because before they are even out of the planning stages, they have underemphasized the value of networking. If you expect your business to succeed, you have to promote it. How you choose to network your business is not the issue. You will not be in business very long if you think that once you have your client base, you no longer have to promote it. Do not be fooled into thinking that! Customers may not always buy goods or services from you because they can be so fickle. For those times when “regular” customers decide to utilize the services of another provider, you need to have a backup plan. Unless you are an inventor, or unless your product or service is quite unique, people will go elsewhere to find the products or services that they want at the price they want to pay. By continually networking for new customers, you will always be prepared for these slow times.

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