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Product Description During The Seventeenth Century, is controlled raiders Known as the Caribbean buccaneers. But Were Not Buccaneers pirates privateers, to attack the Spanish licensed by the governments of England, France, and Holland. Jon Latimer charts the exploits of These Men Who Followed rules FEW As They forged new empires. Effective Lacking naval power, the Ingl?s, French, and Dutch privateering Developed as the Means of Protecting Their young New World colonies. They Developed a semi-legal form of private warfare, Often Carried out Regardless of Political Developments on the Other Side of the Atlantic, pero Usually with tacit approval “from London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Drawing on letters, diaries, and memoirs of Such figures as William Dampier, Sieur de Lussan Raveneau, Alexander Oliver Exquemelin, and Basil Ringrose, Jon Latimer portrays a world of madcap adventurers, daredevil Seafarers, and dangerous rogues. Piet Hein of the Dutch West India Company captured. . . More>>

Buccaneers of the Caribbean: How Piracy Forged an Empire