by Roselyn Capen

There are a lot of women who have breast cancer that are still here because their cancer was found early. This is showing that death by breast cancer is falling due to an advanced method of screening and that the treatments available are much better than they were years ago.

Today, there are a huge number of breast cancer cases, and due to advanced technology, we have been able to fight a disease several people are ailed with across the world. Our work does not end here, and constant improvement should be made to alleviate the pain of the families who are adversely affected by their relations’ condition. The most common cancer among women is breast cancer.

There has been a constant decline in the death rate for breast cancer since 1986, and it is primarily due to betterment in diagnostic techniques; there are better screening facilities and more efficient breast examinations today, which help in early diagnosis, which helps survival better. As we know early diagnosis to be a boon, we need to put in even more effort into providing better technology, and help more women fight the disease successfully.

There are certain preventive and early diagnosis strategies every woman should follow. Once she reaches adulthood, every woman should get a mammogram done every other year, and as she gets older, she should go for it more frequently, since the chance of getting the cancer increases as she ages. A woman should never hesitate in consulting her doctor about any doubts she has, and always make sure that her breast examination is done by a professionally qualified doctor. Nature has granted us the gift of automatically detecting changes in our bodies, more so the unpleasant ones. If the change you notice doesn’t seem harmful, do not brush it away. Tell your doctor about it, and let him decide if everything is good.

It is always best to be well informed about the normal and aberrant conditions of your breasts. You may often suddenly find something wrong, and there may be nothing worrying about it, you should take that as a sign and make sure you eliminate the possibility of it being breast cancer. Lumps, in both women and men, are often benign and do not develop cancer cells, but knowledge is never wasted.

Research is imperative to prevent breast cancer from taking more lives. Digging deep into why so many people keep becoming vulnerable to breast cancer, how it can be fought off, how the invalids’ lives can be improved, is the only sure way to ward off breast cancer and forget it as a nightmare.

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