DescriptionIf product that enjoys a good cigar, you’re in good company. For centuries, have curled their smokes cigars around the head of the poets and politicians, composers and grouchy and comedians. Mark Twain boasted that came into the world and called fire. Winston Churchill including cigar in his formula for the good life. Will Rogers was the extent of the needs of the country-again when all the country really needed was a good five-cent cigar that cost fifteen cents. These stories and more intertwined with the facts, firsts, definitions and literary passages in this selection of fun, great tradition exclusive cigars in the world. So light it up, sit back, relax and enjoy. You’ll find a smoke is a g. . . More>>

Blowing Smoke: Being a Compendium of Amusing Anecdotes, Witty Ripostes, and Lengthy Literary Passages on the Glories of the Cigar

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