I live near Mexico, my family has always gone to buy cigarettes and other commodities, smoke enough to buy a cardboard box and I wanted to buy one in Mexico. I bought the packages before and they taste different (they are like red lights), so I have not bought a whole box. But due to the fact that carton costs about $ 15 there and 40 in the U.S. is very good agreement. But I wondered is there a big difference in quality or snuff cigarettes wise between there and here? Is it worth paying extra to get the cigarettes manufactured in the U.S.? Finally went and bought a light box to Parliament for $ 16, I think you are one of the only ones not made in Mexico because Marlboro Lights that are a bit unpleasant, and have the government warning in Spanish, all the parliaments that is Made for Central and Latin America, also says Made In Neuchatel, Switzerland and the taste is the same only with different packaging

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