Product Description? NThe United States border M? Mexico is not s? As a border between nations, is an abyss that separates the rich from a global superpower of a pa? S poor Third World. For millions of Mexicans desperate for a better life, is a l? Finish line to cross undetected means to seek prosperity in America. In 1844 the United States annexed? Texas and the pr? Ximos to? You tom? most of the southwestern United States today. Today in d? To the people of M? Mexico south of the border to see the benefits of life in the good old USA A., and seg? No surveys, est? n ready to end things and give us the rest. Columnist Erik Rush proposed that the deal on offer. Erik Rush said, “40% of Mexicans claim that happen? To here? If they could. Let’s save the effort and bring the U.S. to them.”. . . M? S>>

Annexing Mexico: Solving the Border Problem Through Annexation and Assimilation

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