The tropical rainforests of Chiapas, located in the south of Mexico, were once the domain of the Maya Indians. Flowing through the dense and almost inaccessible jungle is the Cataratas de Agua Azul or ‘Blue Waterfalls’. Frequent heavy rainfall has transformed this amazing primeval forest into a lush green paradise in which the vegetation plays an important role. Although in places it is dangerous, the Agua Azul is not a wild river at all as it makes its way through the rainforest calmly and with little sound. However, the water of the Rio Tulija is turquoise and not blue as its name suggests. In places, the river plunges down several metres and the entire force of nature manifests itself in a lively mass of white foam. This paradise of water and tropical wilderness has deservedly made the Agua Azul one of Mexico’s most famous and alluring natural spectacles.