Product Description? It was the best of dreams, It was the worst of dreams, It was an age of consulting the nautical Experts, It was the age of foolishness landlubber, It was the epoch of determination, It was the epoch of despair, it Was the season of hurricanes, It was a spring of beachcombing? If you dream it all away chucking About sailing Toward an island and life, read this first Renee and Michael didn? T Have Any boating experience and when to Their Plans to Remedy That Fell Through the two HAD to learn everything the hard way. Despite Themselves They managed to get from Miami to Grenada, dropping the anchor Eventually cruising catamaran of Their at the island of Their Dreams. Determined to save future sailors from Themselves, A Sail of Two Idiots includes lessons Renee and Michael Learned and Share Them with you as examples of what and what not to do. This a how-to guide wrapped in a funny story? Kind of like getting your serving of vegetab. . . More>>

A Sail of Two Idiots: 100 Hard-Won Lessons from a Non-Sailor Who Quit the Rat Race and Sailed Safely to a New Life in the Caribbean