by Craig Walker

After booking your Florida flights you will then need to arrange appropriate accommodation. Do you stay in a hotel or rent a private villa? Your choice will depend on the size of your family or the number of people travelling with you.

When people in Europe go on holiday they generally stay in a hotel or a self catering apartment. In Florida the option to stay in a private villa is not normally available and is something new to consider

What are the main differences between a normal holiday hotel as against staying in a private villa?

When you stay in a hotel room generally all the family are in the one room and depending on how many are travelling you may need more than one room which will add to the costs. When you have a private holiday home you will have more than one bedroom and a couch that can be made into another bed. So if you need more than one bedroom a villa can offer you this and may work out cheaper than having to get three separate hotel rooms.

The quality of the furnishings in the private homes and villas are generally of an excellent standard and are more spacious than a hotel room. A lot of the villas are privately owned and the owners use thyem themselves most times of the year.

Another thing to consider if that if you need to get more than one hotel room there is no guarantee that you will get them together. You could have a room on one floor and the other could be on a different floor in a different part of the hotel.

Hotels can be noisy as people come and go at all hours. Like you people are free to come and go as they please and this could result in you being wakened if someone returns to their room during the night and makes a noise.

In your villa you would expect cooking facilities and a fridge for you to fill up with your food and of course drinks. If you stayed in a hotel or a motel you would have to go looking for the ice machine and make sure you have enough change for the vending machine for any cold drinks.

In a villa you may or not have a pool if you do it will generally be quite small however it ill be only you and your family using it. Generally in a hotel you will have a large pool which is shared between all the guests.

In the colder months of the year you may need to pay extra to heat the villas swimming pool. This comes at an extra cost and this can be around $40 per day. This would not be payable if you were staying at a hotel.

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